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Welcome, and thank you for visiting. My name is Paris Senior. I have been practising as a midwife in England since 2004.  I love my work and feel so very privileged to have shared so many magical journeys into parenthood. 

I'm extremely passionate about educating and empowering women to harness the power of natural resources and holistic techniques in support of the body's natural processes through pregnancy, childbirth and into motherhood.

Having a baby is a beautiful and amazing life event, however, it can also be a time for self-reflection. The great changes within our bodies, minds, family dynamics and home circumstances can sometimes become a source of anxiety & fear. This, along with common pregnancy complaints and conditions can take its toll.

Many women wish to avoid medication during pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding, but are often unaware of, or are unfamiliar with the natural resources available which can help us through many emotional as well as physical health issues.

*Essential oils (aromatherapy), massage, *herbal remedies, nutrition, positive mind-set techniques along with other holistic practices such as yoga and reflexology can assist with many physical and emotional health issues during pregnancy, childbirth & beyond.

 *to be used under professional guidance as not all are safe for pregnancy


   #some issues which may arise, and can be managed include;

  • pain (back pain, labour pain etc)

  • easing nausea

  • anxiety 

  • fear of childbirth

  • depression

  • soothing a tired aching muscles

  • assisting sleep

  • encouraging and supporting labour 

  • healing wounds

  • infections

  • milk supply 

  • hay-fever

  • healing post-birth

  • seasonal cold / flu

In fact just about any common health complaint can be supported by natural remedies given the right guidance whether it is pregnancy related or not.

With essential oils and herbal remedies, Mother nature has absolutely provided us with a very effective natural pharmacy. 

My ultimate goal as a midwife is to educate and empower you to:

  • safely care for yourself and your family naturally (wherever appropriate)

  • reduce any fear surrounding childbirth

  • be aware of your choices surrounding childbirth

  • feel confident, informed and in control no matter how your beautiful baby decides to arrive in this world

  • pass this knowledge and expertise to our future generations


If you feel that we are a good fit, I would love to help you to achieve a positive pregnancy and birth and to support you as a new mother. I personally deliver my courses and coaching via video link, and also regularly provide support via my Holistic Birth School private members page on Facebook where you will find a like minded supportive community.


Please do feel free to have a look the courses I offer, or have a chat with me to discuss your needs.

I look forward to speaking with you & helping you navigate your special journey.

 with love and positivity, Paris x































"When you touch one thing with deep awareness,
 you touch everything.

Lao Tzu 

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